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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Nov 25, 2020

Welcome to Episode #290, with Angelina Riccio, co-Founder of Purearth, the fast-growing nutrition-based drinks business, with a loyal customer base, creating trends in the dynamic health and wellness market.

It all started back in 2012 with a whole lot of organic fruit and veg from the farmers markets, a home juicer and a passion for helping others feel their best through the power of plants and nutrition. It's been a labour of love that started in our homes spending early mornings and late evenings washing, peeling and juicing, then testing all our products on family and friends to ensure we had the tastiest, healthiest drinks.

During this episode, Doubling Your Profits During the Lockdown, we will be talking about:

- how it's important to stick to our core values and have integrity to keep our business and focus on track
- keeping to our roles is important but also, it's great to be able to build the team and bring in expertise in which we don't have
- the most important thing in starting your business is just that, getting started
- mistakes are part of the process of growth. Without failures and mistakes, we won't be able to learn things to help us be a better version of ourselves

Learn more about the content discussed in this episode:

  • Visit Purearth's website here.
  • Contact Angelina Riccio via her LinkedIn here.