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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Dec 19, 2020

Welcome to Saturday Episode #297 with Alex Stephany, the Founder and CEO of Beam.

Beam is the world’s first online platform that uses crowdfunding to support homeless people into work. Partnered with over 40 charities and the Mayor of London, Beam and its fast-growing community has had unprecedented success supporting the most disadvantaged people in society into work. Using Beam, homeless people have overcome challenges and traumas including mental health, addiction, FGM, self-harm and human slavery to build new lives and careers, in sectors ranging from beauty to bricklaying.

In this Saturday episode, Alex and I talk about Leveraging Technology to Find Scalable Solutions to the Toughest Problems - Starting with Homelessness. The biggest realization is how Beam needed to build ways for anyone to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds for the long-term with the efficiency and transparency that technology can bring. Figuring that out, it's amazing to see how the human spirit, backed with a fundamental belief that life has value and other people are rooting for you, can lead to rapid transformation.

Learn more about this podcast:

  • Help a homeless people for the long term. Visit Beam website here.
  • Change lives with meaningful Christmas gift and cards. Learn more here.
  • Connect with Alex Stephany on Twitter via @AlexStephany.