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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Dec 25, 2021

Welcome to Saturday Solo Episode #403.
During this episode, I talk about the most listened to Screw It, Just Do It episodes of 2021. These are the most downloaded and the most voted from our poll that started last December 11. Here is the list:
  • Episode #314 with Stepan Galaev
  • Episode #316 with Matthew Barnett
  • Episode #328 with Dan Murray Serter
  • Episode #308 with Ian Holdcroft
  • Episode #310 with Evan Carmichael
  • Episode #305 - Clubhouse is the Next Big Thing
  • Episode #303 - My Lockdown Rituals
  • Episode #306 with Louis Barnett and Tara Lalvani
  • Episode #304 with William Watkins
  • Episode #302 with Adam Rossiter and Elliott Dawes
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