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Screw It Just Do It

Mar 23, 2022

Welcome to Episode #428 with Simon Alexander Ong, a personal development entrepreneur, coach and public speaker and author of the book Energize.
During this episode, we talk about energizing your life by investing in yourself.
Here are some highlights:
  • Energy is neutral. If you spend time around positive people, you can't help but be more positive. Likewise, if you spend time around negative people, you can't help but feel more negative.
  • The best relationship you should get into is building relationships with people that share your energy and people that are aligned with your values.
  • Happiness begins with gratitude.
  • Don't wait. The two words that can be your greatest antidote to regret. The two words that can set you on the path towards fulfillment. When you focus on the present, you move yourself away from the tragic scenario of living as if you're never going to die, and then dying, having never really lived.
  • Journaling is the cheapest form of therapy.
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