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Screw It Just Do It

Apr 27, 2022

Welcome to Episode #438: with Matthew Mills, CEO of Deliciously Ella, a plant-based food & wellness platform sharing delicious ways to feel better.
During this episode, we talk about building a resilient business and the 10th Year Anniversary of Deliciously Ella.
Here are some highlights:
  • In building a business, it's important for key players to have different skill sets. Working together and combining these skills will help grow and achieve business success.
  • When starting a business, it is common to rely more on feeling as compared to having actual data. But as the business grows, gathering and making use of data is crucial. It will help you improve your products, your categories and strategised your product launches.
  • Make sure that your business have diversified cash and the business model is resilient and can' t be easily knocked over by one situation or event.
  • Build your business and brand slowly and incrementally to have a real staying power. If a business is too hot or too popular, it has the opportunity to go the other way really easily.
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