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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Aug 31, 2022

Welcome to Episode #474 with Simon Pompan & Harry Gestetner, Co-Founders of Fanfix, the leading Gen Z monetization platform for content creators.
During this episode, we talk about how to be successful in the creator economy, influencer tools and trends and how Simon and Harry built Fanfix from ground up and sold it last month in an estimate of '8 figures' to SuperOrdinary.
Here are some highlights:
  • Simplicity is king. Don't make a simple solution be a complex one.
  • The reason for not achieving success is not because of failing but because we're afraid of taking the risk.
  • One of the most important skill in life in being a good salesman.
  • As a founder, you're constantly raising money and selling the vision.
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