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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Mar 29, 2023

Started out by shovelling snow during a tennis tournament for the minimum salary of £150 per week. Sabrina took her experience as a learning curve and from that point forward, she was determined never to work for anyone else.
She grew her tennis coaching and began to learn how to run her own tennis tournaments as a competitive business. This has helped her from working for various startups, meeting people and creating opportunities, to creating her PR firm.
Today, Sabrina Stocker has built numerous businesses, coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, and has been named one of the Final Five in the BBC One The Apprentice Show. This helped Sabrina build her personal brand and she has since talked on some of the biggest platforms in the UK, hosted an international Pre-Olympics tournament, and has been invited by the International Trade Department to share her views.
Throughout our discussion, Sabrina shared how she went from having her own business in the UK to selling everything when she moved abroad, how she got started in her PR business from having a tennis career, and how she has lost so many friends after the success she received. She has also talked about her own definition of stability and gave advice on how to achieve it.
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