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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Sep 6, 2017

"We built it, we uploaded it to the App store and we were charging for it. So from day one we thought we've spent a ton of time on this, this is amazing, it's got so much value to it...and guess what? We sold like two. Where's the amazing story of when you make millions overnight?

On this week's podcast I speak to Matt Doyle about his startup, Launchcloud. Matt first met Richard Branson as staff at an event where Richard launched his autobiography. Whilst getting a copy of the book signed, Matt said to Richard that he was deliberating whether to leave his job and set up his business. 

After speaking with Richard he opened the book he had just signed for him and under the signature Richard had written: "Just do it".

But before we get to Matt, I speak to Josh Winterton who overcame the loss of his mentor and his tech startup after a chance meeting in his native Australia changed the path of his life.

The meeting was with Ted Baker founder Ray Kelvin and Josh, at just 25 years of age now heads up the UK's most stylish co-working space, coming to a town near you in the UK.