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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Mar 27, 2019

"Why are you coming to my site? Who are you? Because personally I couldn't explain to anyone why have you got 6 million visitors coming to your site every month? I know what they're doing on my site, but why are they doing it?"

Welcome to episode #118 of Screw it, Just Do it where I welcome Chris Parker.

Chris has a problem that most of us would love to have - what to do with 6 million web visitors a month? He's the founder of .

He's an entrepreneur, and online privacy and security expert and he's got a fantastic story to tell...

Just wrapped up my first Podcast Masterclass from the Screwitjustdoit HQ in Bournemouth and I'd love to help you if you're thinking of launching a podcast. You are you're on my media so in my opinion, if you've got your own business, you should have your own podcast. I'd love to help you with it, take a look at my brand new Podcasting Academy here plus I'll be announcing new physical Masterclasses next week.

On to Chris's story, and he's clearly doing a pretty good job of monetising his 6 million visitors already by bringing in just under 7 figures a month for the last few years. 

You can see how you can get close to Tim Ferris's Four Hour Work Week by not employing any staff, not having an office and choosing how many hours he works in his business every week. Plus he loves the fact that by employing freelancers he's able to help others pursue their entrepreneurial dream.

On today's show we talk about:

  • The beauty of staying small
  • The Importance of mentoring
  • If in doubt, ask - for help.

Let's StartUp!