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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Nov 24, 2021

Welcome to the trailer for Episode #394: Insert Episode Title, with Robert Van Tromp, a British TV Personality and Influencer, most known for being a contestant on the Netflix number one hit reality show, Too Hot to Handle.
In this Wednesday's episode, Robert and I will be talking about the world of social media influencers and finding what you're passionate about in life.
Here are some highlights:
  • You've got to find what your passionate about in life. Grow it and cultivate it. That's where success comes from
  • Being an influencer is just about the visuals - what you where, how you look. It's deeper than that. It's all about spreading awareness of and make people more knowledgeable about things that are important.
  • Take the opportunity and make the most of it. Try to do something valuable with it because you have a big platform and people look up to you as a role model. You want to be as relatable as you can and actually offer some genuine value to people.
Join us on Wednesday for the full episode.
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